Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dental care is different than the care of adults. Dedicated to providing dentistry for your whole family, we offer specialized pediatric services focused on the unique care of little ones from infants through adolescents.

Children deserve an extra gentle, patient approach to their oral care. In fact, pediatric dentists have two to three additional years of education and training after dental school focused on child growth and psychology, on treating developing teeth, and on the unique needs of children’s dentistry. Our pediatric dental  team, led by Dr. Roshni Dhruva, is dedicated to creating an exceptionally positive dental experience for your children.

A Powerful Start to Excellent Lifelong Oral Health Care

At Heine & Associates Family Dentistry, we foster a lifetime of good oral health habits and do everything we can to make “going to the dentist” an enjoyable experience. Dr. Roshni Dhruva is remarkably skilled and specially trained to nurture your children in all aspects of their dental care and will ease any anxiety your child may feel.

Together with our pediatric team, she provides primary and specialty oral care from x-rays and exams that identify potential issues to fillings and sealants focused on restoring teeth and preventing future decay.

At Heine & Associates Family Dentistry, we are committed to building strong, trusting relationships with our pediatric patients and their parents. We provide exceptional care that involves explaining treatment procedures in a way that kids can understand, by including parents in all treatment discussions and being available for any questions you may have. Our pediatric dental care services include:

  • Cleanings
  • Check-ups
  • Exams
  • Preventative sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Extractions and oral surgery

Preventative care, such as sealants and fluoride, can help save time, trouble, and teeth. Our  pediatric team will let you know if these treatments are right for your child.

Parents Are An Important Aspect of Dentistry for Children

The American Dental Association recommends a child’s first dental visit occur within six months of the first tooth or by a child’s first birthday, whichever comes first. Starting early is important for good oral health and forms a trusting relationship between your child and your pediatric dentist.

Dr. Dhruva helps parents with their children’s dental needs providing education on how to care for baby teeth and consulting parents on all dental treatments. We believe a parent’s involvement is essential to achieving the best results in oral health. Plus, if mom and dad go to the same office, it can add additional comfort and familiarity.

Contact Dr. Roshni Dhruva at Heine & Associates Family Dentistry in Newton, PA to request an appointment for your child or children today. We are happy to offer multiple appointments at one visit and do what we can to make treating your family’s dental needs as convenient as possible.

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