Achieving optimal oral health often requires the need to treat alignment issues. We offer comprehensive orthodontic services in-house for a one-stop approach to family dental care best serving our dental families' treatment needs.

Few dental offices offer full-service orthodontic treatments for children and adults in addition to general dentistry. Heine & Associates Family Dentistry in Newtown, PA has built its practice with families in mind, however, maintaining comprehensive in-house services that includes orthodontics and understands the need for appointment efficiency with today’s busy lifestyle.

In-House Orthodontics from Our Comprehensive Family Dental Practice

Orthodontic treatments are administered to create straight, properly aligned teeth, which is fundamental to your oral health. Misalignments, when left untreated, can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, excessive or uneven wear and tear, speech impediments, jaw injury, and pain. Our team of orthodontic experts, led by Dr. Joseph Brogan, utilizes the most advanced corrective treatment methods available including braces, elastics, headgear, retainers, and removable aligners.

Advanced technologies help us diagnose issues earlier and recommend the most effective corrective treatments for the best results. To best serve our dental families and make dental care as convenient as possible, we offer orthodontic treatments in-house for patients of all ages – children, teens and adults.

photo showing braces check up

Better Communication Between Dentist, Hygienist, and Orthodontist

When your orthodontist, dentist, and hygienist are in the same dental office, it is easier to maintain the necessary communication between specialists and faster to schedule necessary treatments. We help simplify your care as our team, including Dr. Brogan, is able to share your complete dental history, treatment plan and oral health goals.

In-house orthodontics helps us streamline your family’s dental care, taking into consideration existing dental issues that may need to be addressed before starting orthodontic therapy. Our team also works together as restorative procedures, such as fillings and extractions, may need to be administered before getting braces. And you are free from having to follow up, transfer records, and coordinate care between different dental offices.