About Our Office

Heine & Associates Family Dentistry offers superior dental care for the whole family from infants to adults. As your family grows, we offer orthodontics, restorative treatments and cosmetic dentistry - all from the same dental practice.

Heine & Associates Family Dentistry has been located in historic Newtown, PA since 1977. Our goal is to become your dental healthcare home and make caring for your family’s dental care needs as convenient as possible. We offer a warm, friendly atmosphere that establishes good oral healthcare from babyhood to adulthood, while our one-stop dental practice allows us to monitor your dental health effectively and efficiently.

Dental Care for the Entire Family with On Site Specialists

Our Newton, PA dental practice is an all-in-one dental healthcare home. Starting with pediatric dentistry, our specialists provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere for your little ones. We promote good dental hygiene education and conservative dental care that involves parents and children. Also, for added comfort and security – mom and dad go to the same dental office! Studies show that children who establish good oral care habits at an early age are more likely to continue those habits into adulthood saving time, trouble, and teeth in the long run.

With comprehensive dental care services all under one roof, we have a deep understanding of your oral healthcare needs. Our teams of professionals and specialists work together to create the most effective dental healthcare treatment plan for patients of all ages.

photo of family - from children to senior adults
photo of a toddler brushing teeth

More Effective and Efficient Dental Healthcare from One Practice

We use the most advanced dental technologies to provide accurate diagnostics as our team of experienced dental experts work together to provide effective treatments. In constant communication, we follow the changes in your family’s dental needs easier and more efficiently at our all-in-one dental practice.

Allowing us to become your dental healthcare home, we can help you establish good oral care for your family, starting with baby teeth. From pediatric dentistry that helps pave the way for permanent teeth to come in properly, to orthodontics that helps with teeth and jaw alignment, to general dentistry that helps your family establish good oral care habits to last a lifetime – we are honored to be your family’s dental health provider.